Carbon reporting

GWA is committed to reducing energy, carbon emissions, water and waste across the GWA Group operations.

GWA reported its carbon emissions annually until FY14 under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) Act 2007 (“the Act”).  The reports contain the greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption from the operation of the group’s facilities.  The data was compiled based on the methods specified in the Act.

GWA has deregistered from reporting the group’s carbon emissions under the Federal Government’s NGER scheme as its energy and emissions are below reporting thresholds from FY15.  GWA is a low emissions intensity entity but it continues to voluntarily report its carbon emissions and energy use on the GWA website under Carbon Reporting.

The FY18 total carbon emissions from GWA’s controlled facilities were approximately 5,800 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent Co2e, representing a 15 per cent reduction on the prior year. This reduction is due to a combination of factors including site closures and the implementation of energy efficiency measures across the Group.