GWA is committed to sustainable practices throughout its operations and we continue to work with our key stakeholders and communities.

We accept that a sustainable business is one that provides a safe, rewarding and diverse environment for our people whilst operating in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. We also accept the increasingly important role our products and superior solutions play in enabling our customers and consumers to conserve and use water more efficiently.

GWA has a strong pedigree and history in developing innovative solutions in water. Sustainability in the area of water solutions has been our mantra for over 35 years.

Caroma was the first brand in the world to introduce dual flush technology in 1984 which has subsequently been further developed with dual flush and smart flush enhancements to enable enhanced water conservation. Dual and Smart flush continue to save on average 32,000 litres per year for each toilet in which they are used – the equivalent of one Sydney harbour saved each and every year.

More recently, GWA introduced its patented rimless design technology with Caroma Cleanflush which embraces innovative flush and flow technology.

Caroma leads the market in innovative water solutions with its Caroma Smart Command® – an intelligent bathroom system which includes a set of Bluetooth-enabled, touchless bathroom products that integrate into commercial building management systems – that enables real time monitoring and management of water. Caroma Smart Command®  will be formally launched in the first quarter of FY19.

During FY19, GWA will introduce a consolidated sustainability report to provide shareholders and other stakeholders with detailed information on our approach to sustainability. In the meantime, we continue to provide information on the key measures of Safety, Diversity and Carbon emissions.


GWA provides a safe workplace for employees, contractors, visitors and customers, and seeks to drive a positive safety culture and works to actively reduce and mitigate risks.

GWA measures a range of balanced safety performance indicators. Proactive ‘LEAD’ indicators such as the number of Safety Interactions conducted, hazards reported, and actions closed were measured in FY18. GWA also measures key ‘LAG’ indicators that measure lost time and medically treated injuries, hours lost due to injury and total injuries which represents a combination of lost time and medically treated injuries.

Substantial progress continues to be made to improve the Group’s safety culture with a number of safety initiatives being implemented, and ownership and accountability for safety being accepted at all levels in the business.

A safety plan for FY19 has been developed. The Board and management remain focused on initiatives to improve GWA’s safety performance and culture with the continued aim of an injury free workplace.


GWA is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion through the implementation of employment policies and initiatives to achieve a diverse workforce. The Board believes that significant benefits arise from increasing the pool of diverse talent across the business.

In FY18 a talent acquisition specialist was appointed to increase our ability to attract diverse talent, embed our employee value proposition and create career paths for our employees.

The Group continues to review employment policies and practices to ensure that, among other things, flexibility is offered to attract and retain talent.

During FY18 the Group had regular talent reviews to strengthen our succession plans.   As outlined in the Group’s 2018 Workplace Gender Equality Report, the overall workforce consists of 37 per cent female which increased by two percentage points from FY17. In addition, female representation across all levels of management has increased on the prior year including two female appointments to the Executive Leadership Team.

Carbon emissions

The Board is committed to reducing energy, carbon emissions, water and waste across the GWA Group operations. GWA is a low emissions intensity entity but it continues to voluntarily report its carbon emissions on the GWA website under Carbon Reporting.

For FY18 total carbon emissions from GWA’s controlled facilities were approximately 5,800 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e), representing a 15 per cent reduction on the prior year.  This reduction is due to a combination of factors including site closures and the implementation of energy efficiency measures across the Group.

Energy Efficiency Measures

In July 2018 a 250kW solar array was commissioned on the roof of the new Bathrooms & Kitchens 30,000m2 Innovation and Distribution Centre (IDC) at Prestons NSW. The 1,368m2 solar array is designed to reduce emissions by approximately 3,000 tonnes CO2e over the life of the installation. The IDC has been rated as a five star sustainable building and harvests 60,000 litres of rain water from the roof to water gardens and flush toilets.

The lighting at the Bathrooms & Kitchens’ warehouse at Pascoe Vale Victoria and the Door & Access Systems’ site at Blackburn Victoria were upgraded to LED lights in December 2017 and January 2018 respectively to save energy and reduce carbon emissions.

The Bathrooms & Kitchens’ flagship showroom, Caroma on Collins, opened in Alexandria NSW during May 2018, uses innovative evaporative coolers to cool the space in summer with substantial savings over conventional air conditioning. Installed rain water tanks harvest water from the roof to flush toilets and water garden plants and are expected to save 200,000 litres per annum.