Environmental, Social and Governance

A sustainable business that drives value and fuels growth.

We recognise that driving positive change and creating sustainable value requires a holistic approach that encompasses all aspects of our business.  Embedded within our organisational strategy, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles serve as a foundation pillar, guiding our actions across our focus areas.   

We are committed to advancing our ESG goals and striving for a sustainable business that drives value and fuels growth. 

ESG considerations exist across the production chain, from the design process right through to the installation of our products in customers’ homes and businesses, and beyond.  Our operations require relationship-building and tight collaboration with stakeholders – including employees, suppliers, merchants, plumbers, customers and the community – to achieve positive ESG outcomes.  We are proud to work with stakeholders to provide superior products and solutions for people to enjoy and sustain water, our planet’s most precious resource. 

GWA maintains a strong sustainability agenda, which we believe is reflected within our 2023 ESG Report, and our earlier Sustainability Reports.  Our 2023 ESG report underscores our commitment to improve in each ESG area and highlights our ongoing efforts to integrate sustainability and responsible practices into our operations.  Through our innovative products, ongoing focus on reducing our environmental impact, comprehensive social strategies and robust governance practices, we are driving positive change and striving for a sustainable future.

As we continue to progress our ESG agenda, we look forward to providing additional detail in subsequent reports.

We attach below GWA’s 2023 ESG Report and Sustainability Reports from 2019-2022:

2023 ESG Report

2022 Sustainability Report

2021 Sustainability Report

2020 Sustainability Report

2019 Sustainability Report