Sustainability is at the core of GWA’s business.

We have demonstrated over past decades that we are able to make life better and contribute to more sustainable communities through our operations and through providing superior products and solutions for people to enjoy and sustain water, our planet’s most precious resource.  

Across GWA, our approach to sustainability is based around two central objectives: 

  • Operate in a sustainable manner across our business by managing our resources as efficiently as possible and by acting in a socially responsible manner; and
  • Provide a range of products and systems that contribute to sustainability by making life better through superior water saving solutions for the built environment.

Sustainability has been at the core of our business practices for many decades.  

We recognise the implications and opportunities that sustainability creates across our businesses and we continue to manage our response accordingly. 

That is why we incorporate sustainability thinking into our corporate governance, people development, strategic planning and product and policy development.  

We recognise that conducting our business in a sustainable and responsible way is important for us to earn and maintain the respect of our stakeholders including our consumers, customers and communities, our environment, our employees and you our shareholders. 

GWA maintains a strong sustainability agenda, which we believe is reflected within our sustainability report.  

As we continue to progress our sustainability agenda, we look forward to providing additional detail in subsequent sustainability reports.

We attach below the Sustainability Reports lodged by GWA since 2019:

2020 Sustainability Report
2019 Sustainability Report