Leadership and development

GWA’s Leadership and Development program has three core objectives:

  • Ensure recruitment of high quality staff
  • Create a strong performance based culture
  • Provide opportunities to develop key competencies.

Performance Appraisal Process

At GWA we encourage our managers to conduct performance appraisals twice a year. This ensures that employees understand what is expected of them and how they can be supported in order to achieve their objectives. It also enables our employees to partner with their manager to create a development plan based on their performance and their career goals.

Leadership Development

As part of our commitment to assist employees in their roles as well as their future career growth and progression, we offer various training & development opportunities, which can be clearly split into 3 components:

  1. Leadership Program which comprises a combination of internal & external courses focussed on three key areas: Leadership Capabilities, Strategy & Organisational Effectiveness.
  2. Senior Management Development Program which is aimed at developing our managers in the competency areas that have been identified as crucial to the success of our leaders such as strategic thinking, problem solving, negotiation, people management and financial analysis.
  3. General Skills Development – Courses available to help build additional skills eg presentation skills etc

Development focuses on 12 core leadership competencies which are embedded as part of our annual performance appraisal process. This is used to identify training & development opportunities.

The Competencies provide direction and focus on the behaviours that need to be consistently demonstrated by employees in order for GWA to achieve its strategic business objectives, maximise its competitive advantage in the market place, and create and sustain business success and shareholder value.

Formal Education Support

GWA also encourages and supports its employees in engaging in formal education programs that are relevant to their current or planned work responsibilities. Formal Education Support is made available to employees to assist them with either meeting the costs associated with undertaking an approved formal education program or approved leave to study / attend exams.

Our Core Leadership Competencies


Commercial Acumen

Knowledge & understanding of the business & external marketplace; assesses the impact & risk of business initiatives

Strategic Perspective

Knowledge & understanding of the organisation’s vision, mission & strategic direction; thinks ahead

Innovative Thinking

Constructively challenges the current way of doing things

Problem Solving

Identifies & analyses discrepancies, errors & inconsistencies; establishes cause of problems; searches for alternatives


Driving Performance

Sets challenging yet achievable goals for others; measures & reviews others’ work performance against clear standards

Managing Change

Confronts & resolves resistance to change; drives change initiatives & promotes the need & benefits of change

Developing Capability

Aware of own & others capability strengths, coaches & mentors others; promotes personal & professional development


Communicating Effectively

Adopts appropriate communication style to suit the audience & interacts

Working Collaboratively

Participates willingly in team projects; shares information, knowledge & expertise


Results Orientation

Creates a positive, energetic & productive work environment.

Professional Integrity

Acts in accordance with organisational values

Customer Focus

Seeks information & feedback to better understand customer business needs; keeps customers informed & up-to-date & develops partnerships with them