GWA Door & Access Systems

GWA Door & Access Systems is a leading Australian designer, manufacturer, importer and distributor of a comprehensive range of access and security systems for use in residential and commercial premises.

Our Brands


Entering with Style

For over forty years Gainsborough has built its reputation on developing and producing leading-edge door hardware – innovative levers and locks that work silently to reflect your style and needs.

Gainsborough’s range covers almost everything that opens and closes in a home, from stylish front door electronic and mechanical security to cupboard knobs, hinges, door closers and keying systems.


Opening up a world of possibilities

The Gainsborough Architectural Hardware range has developed into an impressive collection of door hardware products, designed to meet the needs of today’s commercial building activity.

Significant investment in design and engineering has fostered the continual release of new products to market which are manufactured to the highest standards, featuring a variety of popular and aesthetic finishes.


Expect to be protected

Excellence in design and a rigorous approach to quality have given Austral Lock a reputation for reliability in the field of special lock manufacturers.

Products sold under the “Austral Lock” mark are manufactured in Australia – being designed, tooled, and cast in Australia.


So much more than just a locksmith

With over 50 years’ experience, API is Australia’s largest commercial locksmith supplier of master key systems, access control, safes, CCTV and alarms.

More than just locksmiths, API will research, install and manage customer specific security solutions. These solutions range from securing staff, homes, building and site perimeters, door hardware and fittings, for government, commercial, industrial and residential locksmith needs.

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